SHU Locker Room Gets Facelift

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. - As a part of a series of initiatives to improve and enhance a number of Seton Hall University's athletic and recreation facilities, the SHU men's basketball locker room has undergone a major facelift.
"In an effort to give our athletes the best resources to succeed at the highest level, this is the first of what we hope to be several new and exciting capital projects to enhance our facilities," said Director of Athletics Patrick Lyons. "Thanks to the generosity of many alumni and friends of Pirate Blue, our men's basketball team will have a locker room that rivals the best in the BIG EAST."
The extensive improvements to the facility resulted in a renovation of nearly every space, including upgrades to the meeting and video room, common space, kitchen, and the team's lockers.
"Thanks to the generosity of numerous loyal contributors, we now have a very impressive locker room to call our own," said Head Coach Kevin Willard. "It is a fabulous facility that we can use as a recruiting tool and will assist in student-athlete development and game preparation. This is another symbol of the Seton Hall community's commitment to building a top-tier program."
The new locker room space now features hard wood flooring, with the Pirate emblem on display in the center of the new floor. The mahogany lockers provide ample storage space and the unique branding feature of a transparent whicker Pirate logo in the storage area beneath the benches.
The meeting and video room saw some of the most detailed upgrades. New carpeting and seating went into the room, with the improvements highlighted by the addition of tiered individual leather seats. The leather chairs, which were endowed by a number of Pirate Blue supporters, are emblazoned with the SHU athletic logo in addition to the names of generous donors that helped make the space possible.
The front of the meeting room is a versatile wall containing a whiteboard and projection surface to utilize the ceiling mounted high definition projector.
The kitchen and lounge features mahogany cabinet space in addition to granite countertops, leather stools and chairs and brand new refrigeration units.
The carpeted lounge area includes a large leather sectional sofa and a new big-screen television.
Check back with in the coming weeks for details on the new athletic training room, construction on the new student fitness center and upgrades to the women's basketball offices and locker rooms.
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