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Potts Talks Decision

Coastal Academy post-graduate Earl Potts announced his decision to attend FDU today. NJ Hoops spoke with him about his college choice.
NJ Hoops: Why did you decide on FDU?
EP: When I went there right I felt it was the right fit for me. I liked the facilities, the team, the coach and everything.
NJ Hoops: How do you like the coaches there?
EP: I really like the staff. They're really strong and showed love. I like the Head Coach a lot.
NJ Hoops: When did you decide?
EP: Last night. I talked with my dad about what was best for me.
NJ Hoops: Was there one coach recruiting you more than the others? Or was it a group effort?
EP: It was a group effort. They all came out to my practices
NJ Hoops: When did they start recruiting you?
EP: I think about a week or two before the season ended.
NJ Hoops: When did they first see you play?
EP: I have no idea.
NJ Hoops: What did they say your role would be?
EP: Play the 3 and 4.
NJ Hoops: What did you do on the visit?
EP: I went and talked to someone in Admissions. I met the team. I saw the facility. I saw the team lift and watched a workout.
NJ Hoops: How was the campus?
EP: I like it a lot. It's close to New York City. They have a bus that takes you straight there.
NJ Hoops: It's only a few hours from Baltimore, was the location a factor?
EP: Not so much a factor but a plus.
NJ Hoops: How did you like the players?
EP: They showed love. It was good. They were all very welcoming.
NJ Hoops: Was the school's academic reputation a factor?
EP: Yes, because I want to major in Fashion Design or Graphic Design. With it being close to NY and internships it's great.
NJ Hoops: What were the other schools that you were considering?
EP: Delaware State
NJ Hoops: Did you visit any other schools?
EP: I just visited Delaware State.
NJ Hoops: How was that visit?
EP: It was good. I liked it a lot. I just liked FDU a little more.
NJ Hoops: What school sent you your first recruiting letter and what school was the first to offer?
EP: My first offer was from Delaware State and they were the first school to recruit me as well.
NJ Hoops: Who is the best player you ever played with and against?
EP: With is Kevin Little. Against? I don't know.
NJ Hoops: There must have been some people along the way that helped you out in getting you the scholarship. Are there any people you want to thank?
EP: I want to thank God, my family, Coach Ian, Coach Doody, my AAU coach and Coach Lewis from Spalding.
NJ Hoops: How does it feel to have the decision behind you?
EP: It's a very big relief. There was a lot of stress and I'm actually glad I made the decision I made.
NJ Hoops: You have had a great career in high school, camps, and AAU, are there any highlights that stand out?
EP: I think during my sophomore year we played St. Mary's a big rival. I had my first in game dunk, and it was an and one and it put the game out of reach.
NJ Hoops: How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
EP: 6-foot-6, 195 lbs.
NJ Hoops: What would you say are your strengths and what would you say you had to continue to improve on?
EP: My strengths are slashing, my mid range game. I can get to the basket. I'm a good rebounder and passer. I need to continue to work on my shot and ball handling. They're coming on.
NJ Hoops: Thanks and best wishes. It's good to see all the hard work pay off.
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