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NJ Hoops 1st Team All State

NJ Hoops 2008-09 All-State Teams
This team includes only the NJSIAA high school teams The monthly NJ Hoops Newsletter has the top 11 All-State Teams as well as the Top 2 All-State Independent Teams (with St. Benedict's) and the top 3 All-State Prep Teams.
Kyrie Irving of St. Pat's missed 12 games, more than one third of their season or otherwise would have made first team. As always with All State teams a heavy emphasis is placed on team success. Other times during the year, the top players by class are presented in the NJ Hoops Newsletter.
NJ Hoops Newsletter will have the Top 11 teams All State and All Counties, All Prep and All Independent.
NJ Hoops is published by a former NJ college coach and scout for the past 18 years whose full-time career for the past four years is covering NJ basketball.
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