Gomis Looking to Transfer

6-foot-8 Siena So. Lionel Gomis has announced his decision to transfer from the Saints. The former Blair star released the following statement through Siena:
I would like to thank Siena, Coach Buonaguro and his staff for the great opportunity to have been a part of Siena's men's basketball program.
I am grateful for all the support the president, Father Kevin Mullen, athletic director John D'Argenio, and all the athletic department for helping me get through last year with the eligibility issue. They battled very hard for me so I could have back the years of eligibility taken away by the NCAA ruling. That alone shows what Siena is all about.
However, I believe at this time it is in my best interest to find a new destination close to loved ones who will cheer me on and motivate me to be the best I can be. For me to be successful, I need to be around the people who understand and know what I've been through. The feeling of just being around them will make my journey less stressful and help me focus on what I am here to do - get a good education and succeed on the court as well.
I am forever thankful to my coaches, teammates, friends, fans and the entire Siena Community for everything and wish the basketball program the best going forward.
I plan to enroll in a a new school for the spring semesterbut I have not yet determined where it will be!
Gomis was ranked among NJ Hoops top 25 seniors in the Class of 2010.
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