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NJHoops.com: NJHoops.com is proud to be a part of the Rivals.com network. With NJHoops.com, you get the inside scoop on New Jersey basketball and recruiting. It's all the information you need on New Jersey basetball at your keyboard.
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NJHoops.com is published by a former NJ Junior College and Division 3 Assistant. NJHoops is in its' 11th year of unsurpassed coverage of New Jersey basketball. NJHoops is the New Jersey nominee for the prestigious McDonald's All American game. We have also appeared with a regular column in Eastern Basketball. Jay Gomes, our publisher, is a member of the United States Basketball Writers Association. In addition, over 150 colleges from the: Big East, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Atlantic 10, MAAC, Northeast Conference, just to name a few, plus many small colleges, subscribe to one or both of NJ Hoops publications.
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NJ Hoops is thoroughly dedicated to being the most accurate, comprehensive, relevant and reliable information on all the NJ basketball student athletes throughout their high school career and beyond.
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