February 1, 2007

UA can learn from previous mistakes against WSU

What was probably most frustrating about Arizona's first game against Washington State - a 77-73 overtime loss - was the fact that the Wildcats were so stubborn throughout the game. To clarify, we mean that instead of sticking to what can work against the Cougars, Arizona seemed intent on winning with what wasn't working.

To start, Arizona can forget about trying to run the fast break against Washington State. The Cougars get back on defense way too quickly, making it very difficult to have some kind of advantage by pushing the ball.

The first time these two teams played, Arizona had several fast break opportunities, but many of them ended up as turnovers. Washington State is a very smart team and you're not going to get away with too many easy points.

However, there are ways that Arizona can exploit Wazzu and the main place is in the post. We're mainly talking about Marcus Williams and Jordan Hill, who can use their athleticism and quickness as an advantage down low.

In the first matchup, Williams was extremely effective with the ball in his hands down low, but the guards didn't do a good enough job of getting it to him. The guards have to find both Williams and Hill in the paint and make sure they get those two guys the ball.

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